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An employee was returning from duty.Inside plant gate,he was stung by swarming honey bees from a tree nearby.There were security people at the gate on whose information, co-employees came and took him to the company hospital.He was initially unconscious,hence admitted in Critical care unit.He has now developed renal complications due to failure of both the kidneys.He has been put under dialysis.
My querry is in case,the person dies out of further complications,whether compensation will be payable,since the incident happened in side plant while returning from duty.
28th October 2013

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Dear members, Please provide your views on the above case of employee bitten by honey bees and in the event of his death payment of compensation as per Act is applicable or not ?
29th October 2013

Dear Friend
Please consult a good doctor, who can guide in this subject. I do not think that the Honey Bee bite can lead to Kidney failure or any other ailment. He may have the same earlier itself, now when he got admitted for honey bee bite, it might have diagnosed. If you have good relationship with the Factory inspector of your district, then you can ask him and take his guidance. As a matter of fact, you may be having the term insurance plan for the workers engaged in your factory, so that in case of any natural death, the family of the worker can get benefitted.
After the action is over, please do inform us regarding the present position and how you managed the case.
18th November 2013 From India, Kumbakonam

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We have a scheme of compassionate employment in Medical Invalidation cases.Since the employee had other physical disabilities,like very poor eye sight,for which he was given the benefit in the above scheme.No comensation was paid.
30th January 2014

No Compensation is payable as he was not injured or hurt due to any operational activities also biting by Honey Bee is not at all a cause of death of any one In this case also suspected death of the employee is due to Kidney failure not due to Honey Bee.bite
Yes There is one possibility of compensation if it proved that his/her Kidney failed due to Occupational Hazardous/operational activity being carried out by the Individual or at the organization which caused affection on the kdney of the employees.
It is a matter of diagnose by the Medical professional to ascertain that the Kidney failure is due to personal reasons or Organisational causes if it is proved that it is organizational reasons then compensation will be liable if proved that the Kidney failure is due to personal causes then no liability of compensation on the organization.
28th November 2014 From India, Delhi

Surely the company had a duty of care to their employees to being able to provide safe passage into the work place. If he was walking into the premises prior to being attacked, and subsequently was stung by a swarm of bees which rendered him unconscious, and taken to hospital then a factor would be whether the bees were swarming or there was a nest in the tree. If the bees were swarming, then the attack may be considered an act of God, whereas if there was a nest in the tree, whereby an attack could have reasonably been foreseeable, and the company did not act, then there could be a case of negligence and an action for damages whether or not the person recovers.
25th February 2015 From United States, Kemah

As far as I know any accident/incident happening in the work place whether act of God or by negligence calls for compensation under workmen compensation act. Even the time spent in coming to office and going home from office is considered as on duty. Therefore the management is liable to pay compensation for the hospitalization and the absence from duty for whatever period required to be away from work. On the question of unfortunate death, if any, it should be decided by the medical profession whether it is solely due to honey bee sting or not! if it due to the sting only then compensation is payable
11th April 2016 From India, Kakinada

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