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Dear all, Can anyone assist me in getting divorce with my wife. Regards, Pradeep
From India , Hyderabad

There are various grouds for divorce. When u make allegation, such as cruelty, adultry, dessertion etc u are bound to proove them.
Best course would be to go for mutual consent divorce.
It is necessary to have an order from a court for all kinds of divorce.
From India , Hospet
This is not a matter to be discussed on internet directly.
Take all the measures to safeguard your marriage. It's not a joke. First analyze the reasons and discuss with some one who is close to your spouse and try for getting the rough ends in your marital relations ironed. Moreover assess the post divorce situation and then decide whether to proceed or not.
From India , Hyderabad
Mr pradeed you need to contact me so that proper advice can me made with reagrds Uttam
From India, Ranchi
Dear Pradeep
Before jumping into the decision of going for Divorce, please try to convince your spouse, if not please take help from the family members of either side or go for counselling. If you apply for divorce, it will be difficult to prove any allegation or it will damage your spouse.
If you have decided to get apart then the spouse become other person then you have no right to defame her and if you have the soft feeling towards her then there are chances of living together. So at that time you both will have the embarrassing feeling. So do not defame her.
Please discuss with your spouse about the separation clearly and firmly and explain your side facts and convince her to sign on application for Divorce on Mutual Consent, in which you will get the divorce easily without much time delay and without much damage. After marriage both can lead your way of life.
From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Pradeep,

Marriage is the most precious gift from God.But now the trends has moved its own way, basically influenced by western culture.Now in our society the percentage of divorce cases increased day by day.

Though it is not a good sign for our society.There are many reasons behind it.

1. When all the movements and activities of your spouse in your daily life governed by her parents.Even they forget what harm they have made for her loving daughter. But when they realized their fault it is far away to built heaven for their loving daughter.Neither her daughter nor they make them happiest person in this world.

2. If the lady has already a physical relation with her ex-boyfriend. Though her parents know all about the facts before her marriage and they were forced the girl for marriage of their own choice.

3.Hell and heaven financial difference between two families.

4. Lady shows abnormal behavior while her husband come to home.She makes his life miserable because of mental problem.Though it is curable after proper treatment.

5.Misunderstanding another reasons. They don't trust each other and quarrel without any reason.

6. If the husband has a relation with other lady.------so on.

Dear Pradeep, actually we don't know your exact problem why do you want divorce with your wife?

According to my point of view if it is reason no 1. then I suggest 1.Stay cool and calm, 2.Avoid confrontation with your wife,3. Give time to your wife as much as possible.4.Find a new job to a different state far away from your home(That dosn't mean from your parents but it means from your Father-in law and Mother-in law) and make you wife convince to accompany you. 5. Always try to prove yourself as a good husband and make a good image by asking her parents health and condition.But remember never make her realized that you actually avoid her parents. Make her free while she is asking for go to her parents house.6. Never directly confront to your father-in law and mother in-law.7.Try to attend small religious gesture conducted by her parents.8.Talk less to her parents as much as possible.8. Make her convinced that you are always beside her and she must fill that you have totally changed as she expect. 10. Wait for time and believe yourself .Believe me, you can bring your happiest marriage life by dint of your patient, your diplomacy, skill and management. Don't give up hopes. If you really love your wife then there is no question of divorce.

Due to scarcity of time I am not able to describe others reasons elaborately. But I am sorry to all seniors if I am say anything wrong.No more today. I always pray to God divorce should not be the last word for our happiest marriage life.The life of heaven!
From India , Calcutta
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